Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Soul Liberation :: Who Are You?

So I'm out on my normal weekend dig, heading East to an outdoor monthly flea market about an hour away. Problem is, I get there and discover that it was last weekend so I drove an hour for nothing. Or did I? Without that failed trip, I wouldn't have stumbled across what could possibly be Dallas' rarest soul LP or certainly 1 of them. To boot, it's a gospel album on the Dallas Rainbow label though this looks to be 1 of their much later releases from '82. It clearly didn't sell and it's hard to gauge how many were pressed but it just doesn't turn up and I wasn't even aware of its existence until a year ago. Musically you can tell they were influenced by the Capitol modern soul sound of the time mixed with some Ashford and Simpson. These 2 cuts are the clear winners but the album is a solid listen all the way through.

Soul Liberation | Touch Me Again | Rainbow Records | 1982

Soul Liberation | Heavenly Places | Rainbow Records | 1982

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