Sunday, March 14, 2010

Italo Beat Tracks

Italo beat tracks proved to be an important bridge between disco and Chicago house music as they served as long repetitive beat tracks with a consistent BPM that DJs could rock longer mixes without the worry of clashing vocals or chords and they could be used to either come out of a disco set or move back into 1 seamlessly. They're ingrained into the fabric of house music, and you can't listen to a WBMX tape without Farley playing 1. As Chicago house producers caught on, they began making their own with Fingers & Vince Lawrence, among others, releasing their brand of what a friend of mine used to call "kick and clap" music. These are 6 of my favorites.

Alessandro Novaga | Faces Drums 3 | Shake Italy | Early 80's

Alessandro Novaga | Eletronic Drums | No Label | Early 80's

Mix Your Own Stars | 119 | TTR Netherlands | 1981

Virgo | Go Wild Rythm Trax | Other Side | 1986

Traks | Tracks | Best Record Italy | 1982

Bongos Gang | Oye Como Va (Bonus Beats) | Best Record Italy | 1982

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  1. Keep up the good work!!! Any chance for the A-Side of Bongo's Gang?